Typesetting a Textbook

One of the challenges in writing a textbook is getting it typeset in a professional manner.  We have tried many of the common methods for typesetting, and we've found that for technical books LaTex still gives the best results.  You do need to persuade LaTex a little to give you nice results on standard-sized paper, however. We've had to develop a set of LaTex macros to typeset the book and packaged them in a class file.  You are free to use this class file to typeset similar books, and we'd be happy to receive feedback on how it can be improved.

We continue to revise and improve the package.  The download has an example file showing how to use several of the features of the package, but it is not a complete documentation.

The class loads a lot of external packages which are part of the standard Tex tree, but if you don't have a complete installation, you may need to go get some of the style files.